Company Profile


From humble beginning in Singapore since 1990, KeytronicsAsia is now an regional headquarter , based in Hong Kong.

KeytronicsAsia deals in the field of electronic components distribution, and accessory distribution business.

KeytronicsAsia has its own distribution and representation channels in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and India.

With the market saviness in today's electronics market, and accelerated technology growth in leaps and bounds, customers alike are sourcing for high end capacity electronic components at highest quality but with competitive pricing. Manufacturers and product designers, on the other hand are either looking at high volume, high growth at low-end cost, or at low volume but with high end pricing.

KeytronicsAsia is able to offer its services of connecting potential customers to the correct manufacturers (and vice-versa), that is able to leverage a win-win situation, both for the customers and manufacturers or principals.

KeytronicsAsia is the Asia Pacific region, exclusive distributor of Keystone Electronics Interconnect Components and Hardware.